North Shore Beaches

3 06 2011

Because we didn’t have much time before Martina would have to start work and we definately didn’t want to sit at home all the time we still used this not so fine day for a trip. So we jumped into the car and were heading north which is the region of Auckland we lived in last time.

Shortly after exiting the motorway everything seemed familar and we unerringly found the first beach: Browns Bay. The weather was quite good at first. Windy, though still sunny. But slowly it started to get more and more cloudy (you can see that on the photos) and the wind was picking up as well.

But because a bit of wind can’t scare us we were on our way to the next beach. Long Bay Beach was one of the places we were formerly visiting regularly as well and you can find some pictures on our old NZ webpage. This time no shoots of the beach directly but of the picnic and barbecue area behind it. You can’t see it on the photos but there one can find some brick barbies so you only have to bring coals and your meat to be ready to go. Some of the seating areas are even roofed. And then there was one of the outdoor picture frames (you see what I mean on the photo) one can find in many places in NZ… the Kiwis do something to entertain their tourists ;).

Since we were “aired” quite well at both beaches we were heading back home to the city center where we warmed us up with a nice cappuccino.

A beach trip with such a weather is nothing for softies but nice nevertheless.

Martina & Juergen



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