Auckland Marathon 2012

6 11 2012

We did take part this year again.

Opposed to last year we were able to grab one of the greatly demanded spots for the Half Marathon.
After a long and tough training we both made it! The weather was perfect and it was an awesome experience running over the famous Harbour Bridge.

Jürgen was able to clearly beat the 2 hour mark with 1:57 and Martina also managed to stay way below her aimed at time of 2,5 hours with 2:21. We are both very proud :)!

Let’s see what suprises the sport’s year 2013 has to offer. On the short list are currently other Half Marathons, Duathlon (Biking and Running) or Triathlon. We will keep you posted.

Watch this space.
Martina und Jürgen

Here one snapshot after the race with our friend Ricarda who managed to reach the finish line despite of a pretty bad foot injury.



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