Home Sweet Home…

27 10 2014

Hard to believe but it has been almost 1 year since our last post (!!!). A lot has happened but most of you will be more or less up-to-date what was going on (and still will be).

In two words: House & Offspring

The first (House) we now live in for more than two months and you can see some pictures below… feeling a bit house proud . The second project (Offspring) is now ongoing for almost 9 months without any big issues and we are confident that we can finish it within the normal time frame . All are well and Martina can take things a bit more slowly (as she has to) for the last two weeks since she has been off work and at home.

We have also attached a few photos from our housewarming (somehow nobody thought about taking pictures during the party), which had a 1920s theme that fits in with Martinas liking of tha era and the wallpaper on our two feature walls.

We hope you enjoy the photos!





Martina & Juergen (still in pairs)



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