1. day in Auckland

3 05 2011

Today we arrived overly punctual at 5.30am (Auckland Time) at the airport and shortly after 7am we have already been in our hotel room. Our permanent residency visa was already paying off at the airport as we could use the same queue as “real” Kiwis and so passed it really fast with a smile on the face looking to the “other passports” queue ;).

After that we slept 2 hours so that we would hopefully make it through the day without dropping asleep at noon as we have to avoid the jetlag. Because our accommodation is right in the city center we can reach all necessary locations on feet. After the late breakfast (10.30am) we went shopping.

The appartment “hunt” hasn’t been too successfull today. At least we now know that loads of furnished flats are only rentable until mid of August because the landlords want to make big money with the Rugby Worldcup afterwards. Prices are likely to rise more than a 100% (crazy but entrepreneurial Kiwis). Tomorrow we will view the first apparments (more on that the next few days).

Otherwise we had typical Auckland weather today. It was raining cats and dogs and we have been wet to the bones in about 5 minutes. But as it was still relatively warm that hasn’t been too bad. And as quick as the rain starts here it may stop a few minutes later… at least most of the times (as well today).

As a reward for staying up the whole day we have just been at the best Burger restaurant of the world – BURGERFUEL – and granted ourselves some really nice burgers with fries. Hence our stomachs our tired now as well and we can finally go to sleep. Yep, it is now 7pm but we are proud that we hung in there for so long.

Lots of love and until next time…



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