Finally it starts

1 05 2011

Hello @ll,

today is finally the day. At 3.45pm we will leave from Munich heading for Auckland. We are really looking forward to it especially because the last few days haven been veeeeery busy.

Martina is already home from work for 3 weeks but her holidays have mainly been packing, driving stuff to the buyback center and packing again. Thats how we have been killing time the two weeks before Easter. When you are considering to move and do not have to, just leave it :).

On the 23rd of April we had our farewell party with family and friends at our most beloved greek restaurant “Afroditi” located in our hometown Buckenhof. Very delicious food and a very nice circle of people. As we had to say goodbye to the first few people after the party the first teardrops were falling especially on Martina’s face. That was continuing the follwing days. On Monday leave-taking Jürgen’s mum. On Wednesday morning (or better said at 4.00 at night) we farewelled Peter (Martina´s brother) at the airport into their honeymoon before the big “saying goodbye wave” hit us on Friday and Saturday (Jürgen’s dad, Martina’s dad, Granny, Mum and her sister Eva).

On Thursday all our packed stuff was fetched by the relocation company. That went absolutely smooth and unbelievably fast. What we have painfully packed in the course of 2 weeks was safely stowed in their truck in about half an hour. Let’s see when all the stuff is arriving safely in Auckland.

What is left for today is having breakfast, closing the suitcases and hoping that they are not heavier than the allowed 23kg each. After that we are chauffeured to the Munich airport and as described above the plane finally takes off at 3.45pm.

We are wishing all readers a nice time and that you will always have fun reading along ;). The next post will be written in our new home.

Take care, Martina and Jürgen



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