20 05 2011

On Thursday we’ve been taking a “one day holiday” and made an excursion to Piha. Ok, all who are now thinking why do the need a holiday, just hunting for a job and starting to manage everyday life is no real holiday.

One of the good things with Auckland is that within 40 minutes you can get to places where you will find nearly no people and the landscape is totally different to the city. Piha is around 1 hour away from Auckland Central. Already the drive there is an adventure because as soon as one is leaving the last city district of Auckland one is alreay in the middle of nowhere.

In Nowhere the roads tend to get smaller and the recommended 70km/h feel too fast for the raising number of curves. Thus we now know why one needs almost an hour for the few kilometres (about 40km). But as soon as we arrived above Piha we knew for what we’ve been enduring the curves .

Already the view off the lookout bay was gigantic. The weather was quite cloudy at that time with a light drizzel (quite common for Auckland). Hence we jumped back into the car and drove down to the beach. Piha may be a busy surfer’s paradise in summer however on our visit there was noting seen of that. Only a few lost tourists on the way.

During our time in Piha we had the typical weather mix at the sea with clouds, drizzel, rain and thank god also some sunshine .

We have taken some photos so see for yourselves. Also our car has made it onto some of the pictures. Since Wednesday it is now all ours .

Now you know why this trip was like a holiday.

Lots of love and see ya
Martina and Juergen



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